Executive Committee


Olivier HERAULT, MD, PhD

Professor of hematology

Tours university hospital, Tours

Inserm U1069, LNOx group Tours



  • Ravalet N et al. Modulation of bone marrow and peripheral blood cytokine levels by age and clonal hematopoiesis in healthy individuals. Clin Immunol 2023, 255:109730.
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  • Kouzi F et al. Disruption of gap junctions attenuates acute myeloid leukemia chemoresistance induced by bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells. Oncogene 2019, 39:1198

Vice President 


Research Director INSERM

Institut Curie, Paris




  • Peltier A, et al. Fibroblast heterogeneity in solid tumors: From single cell analysis to whole-body imaging. Semin Cancer Biol 2022, 86:262
  • Kieffer Y, et al. Single cell analysis reveals fibroblast clusters linked to immunotherapy resistance in cancer. Cancer Discov 2020, 10:1330
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  • Costa A, et al. Fibroblast heterogeneity and immunosuppressive environment in human breast cancer. Cancer Cell 2018, 33:463

Vice President 


Research Director CNRS

Cancer Research Center of Lyon, Lyon




  • Voeltzel T, et al. A minimal standardized human bone marrow microphysiological system to assess resident cell behavior during normal and pathological processes. Biomat Sci 2022, 10:485
  • Guyot B et al. Altered BMP2/4 signaling in stem cells and their niche: different cancers but similar mechanisms, the example of myeloid leukemia and breast cancer. Front Cell Dev Biol 2022, 9:787989
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  • Jeanpierre S et al. The quiescent fraction of chronic myeloid leukemic stem cells depends on BMPR1B, Stat3 and BMP4-niche signals to persist in patients in remission. Haematologica 2020, 106:111


Nathalie MAZURE, PhD

Research Director CNRS

Mediterranean Center for Molecular Medicine , Nice



  • Fabbri L et al. Identification of a new aggressive axis driven by ciliogenesis and absence of VDAC1-ΔC in clear cell renal cell carcinoma patients. Theranostics 2020, 10:2696
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  • Brahimi-Horn MC et al. Local mitochondrial-endolysosomal microfusion cleaves the voltage-dependent anion channel 1 to promote survival in hypoxia. Mol Cell Biol 2015, 35: 1491

Deputy Secretary 


Research Director INSERM

 Saint Louis Research Institute, Paris




  • Anginot A et al. WHIM Syndrome-linked CXCR4 mutations drive osteoporosis. Nat Commun 2023, 14:2058
  • Boy M et al. Myelodysplastic Syndrome associated TET2 mutations affect NK cell function and genome methylation. Nat Commun 2023, 14:588
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  • Freitas C et al. Lymphoid differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells requires efficient CXCR4 desensitization. J Exp Med 2017, 214:2023


Stéphane MANCINI, PhD

INSERM researcher




  • Pelletier J et al. Niche-expressed Galectin-1 is involved in pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse through pre-B cell receptor activation. iScience 2023, 26:106385
  • Delahaye MC et al. Toward Therapeutic Targeting of Bone Marrow Leukemic Niche Protective Signals in B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Front Oncol 2021, 10:606540
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  • Zidi B et al. TP53INP1 deficiency maintains murine B lymphopoiesis in aged bone marrow through redox-controlled IL-7R/STAT5 signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019, 116:211

Deputy Treasurer


Research Director CNRS

CNRS UMR9005 SYS2DIAG, Montpellier



  • Timaxian C et al. Pivotal role for Cxcr2 in regulating tumor-associated neutrophil in breast cancer. Cancers (Basel) 2021, 13:2584
  • Boissière-Michot F et al. CXCR2 levels correlate with immune infiltration and a better prognosis of triple negative breast cancers. Cancers (Basel) 2021, 13: 2328
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  • Lazennec G & Lam PY. Recent discoveries concerning the tumor – mesenchymal stem cell interactions. BBA Rev Cancer 2016, 1866: 290


Marie-Caroline Le BOUSSE-KERDILES, PhD

Research Director INSERM

INSERM UMRS-MD1197, Villejuif


  • Tseng HW et al. Spinal cord injury reprograms muscle fibroadipogenic progenitors to form heterotopic bones within muscles. Bone Res 2022, 10:22
  • Girard D et al. Neurogenic heterotopic ossifications recapitulate hematopoietic stem cell niche development within an adult osteogenic muscle environment. Front Cell Dev Biol 2021, 9:611842
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  • Martinaud C et al. Osteogenic potential of mesenchymal stromal cells contributes to primary myelofibrosis. Cancer Res 2015, 75:4753



Research Director INSERM

INSERM UMRS-MD1197, Villejuif


  • He L et al. Cables1 deficiency impairs quiescence and stress responses of hematopoietic stem cells in intrinsic and extrinsic manners Stem Cell Reports 2019, 13:274
  • Zhang Y et al. In vitro and in vivo efficacy of a conjugated anti-CD203c (AGS-16C3F) specific antibody on human models of advanced systemic mastocytosis. Blood Adv 2019, 3:633
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